Smoked meat, a Canadian delicacy you must try

As we were sitting with Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre the other day recording the second episode of Between Brian and Dave, I asked Pierre about smoked meat.

We had picked up some sandwiches from The Butchery in Ottawa’s Bell’s Corner’s neighbourhood. This place is fantastic, there aren’t enough independent butcher shops left where they care about the meat, can custom cut and look after you. The Butchery also makes amazing smoked meat sandwiches.

I asked Pierre, who grew up in Calgary, whether smoked meat was something he experienced out west or if it was mainly an Eastern Canadian thing. Surprisingly to me he said it was mostly something us Easterners eat.

We’ve long had great smoked meat in Ottawa, maybe it is the proximity to Montreal where the stuff originates. Essentially, it a beef brisket that is tenderized with smoking, dry rubs and steaming.

The genius of smoked meat is that it takes a tough cut of beef and makes it incredibly tender. It is far different that the Texas style brisket you can now find, more similar to pastrami but far better.

I’m all for taking regional Canadian foods across the country, I think everyone should try the dry ribs from out West and everyone should try a proper smoked meat sandwich.

Having lived in Montreal, I’ve tried all the best smoked meat the city has to offer, including the world famous Schwartz’s.


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