Between Brian and Dave Episode 3 – Candice Bergen

Conservative House Leader Candice Bergen is Between Brian and Dave

Candice Bergen has been on the front lines of holding the Trudeau government’s feet to the fire. As the Conservative House Leader, she is often the face of the opposition in the House of Commons.
So how did this now veteran MP get into politics? What drives her? Where does she come from? And what does she think of some of the top issues of the day.

We took Candice to the Metropolitain Brasserie, a French themed pub just a short walk from Parliament Hill that is popular with political types. We had a drink, enjoyed a bite and talked widely.

Watch as Candice Bergen is Between Brian and Dave.

Important note, this show was recorded before the Trudeau government announced that they would be buying Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline. I think Candice’s comments on Trudeau failing to lead still stand.

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On Thursday we will release the episode with talk radio legend Bill Carroll who has hosted some of the biggest shows in North America. Bill has hosted talk shows on top stations in Toronto, Los Angeles and now calls Ottawa home. He’s even got some cool rock n roll stories.


  1. Candice is a great person and great MP. We drive by her office when we got to Manitoba to visit our daughter and her family near Morden. Our daughter and her husband live in that riding, but vote NDP, and that is sad.

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