1. Hi guys, I can’t wait for your first episode to be ready. I have been a fan of Brian for quite a while now but don’t know a whole lot about Dave. I am sure I will like him equally as well. I don’t imagine any liberal mp’s will do a show with you but I am sure a number of conservatives will. Looking forward to the first of many to come. Have a great day.
    Robert rice

  2. hey guys…..i watch all your FB posts (both of you)…you always nail the truth of the matters when our wonder mutt in Ottawa misteps, hard to keep up with his lunacy and i am glad to have you guys on side with the real Canada…..must say Andrew that after your election your going to have a huge task to untangle this social experiment called the liberal dribble…judging by the things you have done in the house and on the street you are touching our pulse….work hard always, and learn the why of Harpers defeat…..one thing for sure…no one i know in calgary will be voting for dimwit…a shout out to Pierre as well, we love the sharp stick wit he uses when calling out the lunacy…..thank you guys

  3. I enjoyed Brian Lilley when he was with the Rebel. It is good to see a conservative media system gradually building up. The Rebel, Spencer Fernandez, Brian Lilley and now Brian & Dave. Keep it up and soon we’ll have a base that’ll drive the progressive liberals into the ground.

  4. I am really looking forward to watching your show, hope you will post it on Youtube as I do not subscribe to Facebook. Best of luck.

    • Well Sylvie, make sure you sign-up for our email updates so that we can let you know when new episodes are ready. First one is up now, I hop you subscribe.

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